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  • 1955
    Birth of SAE
    The Société Auxiliaire Entreprises, created in 1955 close to Paris region, has always manufactured materials for public works.
  • 1960
    first installation of grave ciment
    First installation of grave ciment
  • 1967
    SAE moved to Saint Benoit la Forêt (Indre et Loire - 37)
    SAE is based in the industrial area of Saint Benoit la Forêt, in Indre et Loire, about 30 kms from Tours.
  • 1971
    SAE in 70s
    Continuous road concrete plants are technically the most advanced products and are known worldwide. SAE is involved in the development of rigid and semi-rigid pavements.
  • 1976
    SAM Range
    SAM range fisrt development : Conrete and treated aggregates mobile plants
  • 1994
    The SAE innovations in 90s
    Hyper mobility with the Euroline and Greenliner range
  • 1997
    SAE joins FAYAT Group
    SAE joins the FAYAT Group within what is now the Road Equipment Division, which includes other brands in the MARINI, MARINI-ERMONT, SECMAIR, BREINING ... sector.
  • 2000
    Silver Medal for Innovation Award at Intermat
    Silver medal
  • 2012
    New visual identity
    A new yellow and blue logo to unite the subsidiaries, develop the group's culture and pride of belonging, while reinforcing its image.
  • 2019
    SAE facilities are present on all 5 continents. More than 1,000 installations made by SAE since 1960.