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Graded Aggregates

Wet or dry blended roadbase materials aggregates conform to a laboratory-defined grading range.


The graded aggregates is composed of aggregates whose dimensions are smaller value ranging from 6.3 to 80 mm depending on the context.

There are 2 graded aggregates:

  • Untreated (GNT): granular material used alone, without binder. Its resistance is related to its compactness and the angularity of the larger grains.
  • Wet Mix: Mixture of aggregates and water to obtain a given particle size (used in capping layer for example).

Specific features of graded aggregates

The granular material, wet or not, are granular recompositions respecting a range defined in the laboratory.

Granular material replaces untreated natural aggregates when it is not available or is not mechanically suitable (granular range, frost resistance, etc.). They also allow the recycling of certain materials.

Typically the facilities for the production of this type of mixture are composed of at least 3 dosers adapted to aggregates to be metered to recompose as thin as possible the granular mix. A powerful mixer is required.

When an addition of water is made, we speak of Wet mix. This addition aims to compact the material in place and improve its implementation.

Production plants for this type of mix are the most accurate granular blend possible. A high-performance mixer is required.

Applications :
  • waste recovery
    Road Infrastructure
  • waste recovery
  • waste recovery
    Railway Line
Continuous cold mix plant
Transferable continuous Cold mix plant
Mobile continuous Cold mix plant
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